We are privileged to introduce our missionary partners in Zambia!

Kevin and Dociah Friedrich founded the Children of the Most High (CMH) ministry in 1996, partnering with individuals, churches and organizations that share their burden for Zambian children in crisis.

Kevin and Dociah are both ordained ministers with Global Christian Ministry Forum. They earned their Bachelor degrees at the University of Valley Forge in World Missions and Christian Education.

Together in ministry since 1991, their vision for a work in Zambia grew and was blessed by the Lord. They went to Zambia in June of 1997 in order to lay the groundwork for CMH. Their message of hope was received warmly by the heads of the communities in Choma, Singani, and Batoka village.

CMH endeavors to live out James 1:27 and Proverbs 19:17, making disciples, “teaching them to observe all things” that Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:19, 20), and helping them to be “Children of the Most High,” as declared in Psalm 82:6 (NKJV).

CMH ministers to the entire person as Scripture encourages. These ‘forgotten ones’ will come to the ministry’s center and be encouraged to turn their attention to God – their loving Father. Instead of the rejection and deprivation they have experienced, they are loved, clothed, sheltered, fed, educated and equipped for service to God and to others in their communities.

Worship Church International (WCI) recognizes the Freidrichs’ hard work and dedication to the gospel and is proud to come alongside them and CMH as we labor together advancing the kingdom of God here on earth.

WCI is currently raising funds for a vehicle to meet the transportation needs in Zambia. We are also moving forward with improvements for the two churches that have been established by the Freidrichs and CMH as well as building plans for housing and education.

We encourage your support of these efforts as you seek to fulfill the Great Commission and assist us in hosting the Presence of God throughout the nations.